Translate this, please! It isn’t difficult.

There are many ways to learn foreign languages. One can try to translate various foreign vocabularies.

Before the internet, we usually use a physical dictionary.

But now, we can translate easily using a mobile application. One of the famous ones is Google Translate service.

Compared to traditional dictionaries, translating foreign languages online is more efficient. In fact, you can try using the Google Translate formula in Google Sheets to be able to interpret vocabulary quickly and accurately.

Translate now in a breeze.

Google Sheets is a Google product that allows you to be able to process data like Excel software.

With Google Sheets you can process data in the form of numbers, graphs, formulas and tables online.

Interestingly, it turns out that Google Sheets can be used to translate vocabulary in various languages.

With this feature, you can interpret many vocabulary quickly and easily.

Well, if you are curious about how, the following is how to translate vocabulary into various languages ​​using successful Google Sheets Liputan6.com summarises from various sources, Tuesday (04/30/2019).

Translate by Accessing Google Sheets

  • The first thing you need to do is access Google Sheets on your PC or cellphone.
  • To be able to access Google Sheets you must have a Google account first.
  • To access Google Sheets via PC you must open a browser. Then enter your Google account.
  • After that, select the Google app option. Then select Sheets.
  • In the “Start a new spreadsheet” option select the “blank” option.
  • You will be taken to a spreadsheet view like in Excel.
  • When you get the look of this spreadsheet you can start interpreting the vocabulary you want.
  • To access Google Sheets on a cellphone or other gadget, you can download the Google Sheets application on the Play Store or Apps Store.

This application is free and you can access it using your Google account.

Translate: We’ve got Formula on Google Sheets

To be able to translate vocabulary or sentences you must use a predetermined formula or syntax. Here’s a formula that can be used to translate vocabulary on Google Sheets:

GOOGLETRANSLATE (text, [source_language, target_language])

text: Text to be translated.

The value for the text must be enclosed in quotation marks or be a reference to the cell containing the appropriate text.

source_language: Optional. source_language is a two-letter language code from the source language, for example “id” for Indonesian or “ko” for Korean, or “auto” for detecting languages ​​automatically.

If source_language is removed, target_language must also be removed.

target_language: Also optional. target_language is a two-letter language code from the target language, for example “en” for English or “ja” for Japanese.

How to translate on Google Sheets

How to translate words or sentences on Google Sheets is quite easy.

Like entering formulas in Excel, you will quickly translate many words and sentences. Only in hundreds of words can you translate using this feature.

Enter words in one language in cells, and then use formulas = GoogleTranslate (text, source_language, target_language) in other cells to translate them automatically.

You can even drag the formula cell formula down to apply this formula to more than one cell.

Not just one word, you can translate more than one word into one cell, in other words you can translate one sentence at a time in one cell.

There are several ways to apply this translation formula.

You can choose it according to your needs and desires. Examples of the application of this Google Translate formula include:

  • = GOOGLETRANSLATE (“Hello World”, “en”, “es”)

You can type the formula directly with text with source_language and target_language. Then press enter to get the result.


You can also apply this example formula to the description:

A2: Text B2: source_languageC2: target_language


The last way is that you can use the automatic language detection feature. Simply select the word cell you want to translate.

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Inner language code for source_language and target_language

This formula seems to work for all languages ​​supported by Google Translate.

It exceeds more than 100 languages.

Even this feature is able to display the results with various correct fonts and alphabet. You only need to know the 2-letter code for the language. You can find the code in the list of country codes. This has been set according to ISO 639-1 Code.

Here are some language codes that you might need to know:

Indonesia: id

Jawa: jv

Inggris: en

Jepang: ja

Korea: ko

Italia: it

Latin: la

China: zh

Perancis: fr

India: hi

Jerman: de

Rusia: ru

Spanyol: es

source: liputan6news

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