mobile legends 2.0

Improving the quality of a game is one of the tasks of a developer to improve the game’s performance. This also applies to big developers like Moonton in the Mobile Legends game.

It is rumored to be releasing Mobile Legends 2.0, here are some additional features provided by Moonton. Check out the following article!

Faster Mobile Legends Performance!

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 1

Using the unity engine in the game actually improves the performance of Mobile Legends as a whole. Moonton himself in Epicon said that with the engine, Mobile Legends will get a 60% increase in performance. So that players who are excluded from the game can easily re-login into the game. And the game will feel smoother and faster.

Amazing Interface Design!

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 2

Apart from performance, Moonton will also improve the design of the interface for you. Actually this time is not the first time Moonton has improved the design of mobile legends, but on that occasion, the design that Moonton provided for mobile legends will feel more futuristic, simple, and certainly quite impressive.

New Game Mode!

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 3

To provide a fresher playing experience, Moonton provides a variety of new modes, and for the 2.0 update. The new mode given is Tower Defense Mode, which is Tower Maze.

In this Mode, Players will utilize various Heroes in Mobile Legends, and block the path of creepers and enemies from entering existing portals. If you’ve ever played the Tower Defense genre. You will get a little resemblance from this Tower Maze mode with the genre, the difference is that every time you attack, the hero you use will increase which bar he has, and after full, the Hero will use skills that can annihilate his enemies.

Banned Rank 3 Hero!

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 4

Players can now ban 3 heroes from ranked matches. The ban was made possible because of the many OP heroes that are currently being given by Moonton. Especially with Ling’s presence, it is not surprising that Moonton will implement this Banned 3 hero system.

For the banned system itself is where Team A will first ban 1 hero, Team B 2 hero, Team A 2 Hero and Team B 1 hero again for the last in accordance with the order given with a total of 6 heroes. So players can ban Esmeralda, Lunox, Harith, Khufra, Chou, and of course many more on the Original server going forward. will be banned.

New Map

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 5

Moonton also explained that they were currently preparing various new map updates. Where players will get a better and more realistic map view. Of course, by maintaining various characteristics of the unique mobile graphics legends.

New squad other than V.E.N.O.M, and S.A.B.E.R

Mobile Legends 2.0, Here Are the Additional New Features Provided by Moonton! 6

In addition to the two squad just mentioned, on the Epicon yesterday. Moonton said that they would make a collection of skins with a new theme. This quad will contain 5 heroes following the previously released squads, namely S.A.B.E.R and V.E.N.O.M. Where Harith is likely to be one of the first heroes to enter the mysterious squad.

Lag Issue

And the most important thing for all of you. Moonton will repair the server it has. So that players can play the game without lag, especially with the unstable ping problem.

Those are some things that will be presented at the Mobile Legends 2.0 update. Actually Moonton has also applied the Unity Engine update a while ago on the original server.

However, they have not yet applied the interface design in the original mobile legends server. And for those of you who haven’t updated it, you can immediately download it on the Google Play Store, or the Appstore directly now to get the update.

Source: gamebrott

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