Tifa Lockhart: Introduction

Everyone is crazy about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In fact, the fans have been waiting for YEARS for Square Enix to continue this masterpiece!

Will the love triangle remain? Will the Turks have a decent portion of the game as the best villain in Final Fantasy Universe? Will Aerith’s death be preventable?!

So many questions arise, and every time Square Enix release a new hint to internet, the crowd goes wild.

And that includes Tifa’s new look.

PS. Just keep in mind that we are not talking about her cowgirl outfit.

Tifa Lockheart: the Second-best Girl

Nominated as the second-best Final Fantasy female character on The Gamer, Tifa has gone through a lot of appearance changes in these 20 years. Her beauty has somewhat set the ‘standardised’ look for Final Fantasy-esque female leads — starting Final Fantasy VIII onwards.

Tifa in FF7

She is a lady with dark brown hair and red eyes, although in some series her eyes are depicted in rich brown.

Her famous outfit is a simple white-tank; which, for some reason, strong enough to hold her bosom while she actively throws kicks and punches– a black suspender with a belt, a black mini-skirt, a pair of red gloves and red boots. Oh, not to mention her teardrop-shaped pearl earrings.

She retains similar outfit in Ehrgeiz and Dissidia 012 with a little tweak here and there on her accessories.

Tifa in Ehrgeiz
Tifa Lockhart in Ehrgeiz; right is the alternate color
Tifa in Dissidia
Tifa Lockhart in Dissidia 012

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Tifa Lockhart: The Second Version

But in Final Fantasy Advent Children, in which the story canonically set two years after the meteor, Tifa has taken a completely new look.

Tifa Advent Children
Tifa’s Concept Sketch in Final Fantasy Advent Children

She now wears a vest outside of a longer white tank, knee-length pants with flap, leather gloves, a pair of sneakers, all styled in black. Rumours have it that she had her hair trimmed for it was not an easy job to animate her super-long hair. The red ribbon tied on her upper left arm is her way to honour Aerith’s death.

But this very version of hers is the one used in Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus and Kingdom Hearts II (although in the latter title, her bust-size has been reduced due to its being rated PG-13).

Tifa Dirge of Cerberus
Tifa Lockhart in Dirge of Cerberus

The ‘sexy’ has been toned down by a lot; nevertheless, the fans are still rooting for her realistic look. By nature, she is a GREAT melee-fighter and is supposed to have a freedom in movement.

With this in mind, Final Fantasy VII Remake team has decided to do a makeover while still cherishing her classic appearance.

The New Old Tifa: The Changes

  1. Her white earrings are changed to silver.
  2. Her gloves are now adorned with small steel slabs. Perhaps to hurt more as she rolls with punches.
  3. Her legs are now covered in black stockings. Possibly for extra protection.
  4. Her bust area is now secured with tight, black sports-bra (which reduces the size by a lot, too, but this time not for the kiddie’s reasons). White tank covers on top of it.
  5. Her short black skirt is now pleated. This is understandable, as the our lady fighter does a lot of somersaults .
Tifa's skirt
Tifa’s short black pleated skirt is weighed down by another pair of suspenders
Tifa kicks 1
Just look how she kicks
Tifa's New Look in Final Fantasy VII Remake! Not shocking! 1
Or maybe just look at her underwear

You can find the details here on the youtube video below:

Although the differences on the design is not really extraordinary, but some are actually disappointed with the pleated design. Maybe for it is less enticing as the short, short black skirt.

What do you guys think?


by beandogge

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