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Often we have an internet subscription without knowing what the maximum internet speed we can achieve. Sometimes we are also curious not to check the maximum speed of internet speed you have, you can try 5 Easy Ways to Speed Test on PC:

5 Speed Test Method

1. Using Internet Download Manager

Speed Test, 5 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC 3

This method significantly lets you know what your download speed is. The most downloadable application manager can do this is an internet download manager that is able to make your internet download with the maximum speed, and cut off all the existing download activities.

  1. Just download the Internet download manager, surely you will get a trial for some time.
  2. Then look for a download website that doesn’t limit your download speed.
  3. Download the file and wait until all servers are connected and see how much your downloads are per second
  4. That is the maximum potential for your download speed, although sometimes it is reduced because FUP runs out and other factors.

2. Use Speed Test Website

Speed Test, 5 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC 4

This is the most traditional way to speed test, even though sometimes it misses, but through this method, you can guess how fast your internet is. For example, using speedtest.com you will be presented with information about bandwidth, your download speed, and your upload speed and even ping you to the website. But remember this may not necessarily display your maximum internet speed potential. This is how you do it

  1. Open websites that can do internet speed tests that you have such as Speed Test
  2. Just click on the picture or writing Speed Test or the like
  3. Wait until the process is complete
  4. After completion, he will provide information about your internet capabilities

In addition, you can also use other websites. So just choose your mainstay website, even Google also has this kind of site.

3. Do the “ping” test on command prompt

Speed Test, 5 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC 5

This easy method is often done by people to check that their internet is fuzzy or not. To do this you don’t need anything except your installed Windows OS, this is also often done to provoke your internet to be more stable and often use Google as their destination.

  1. Open Run Then Type CMD or search for CMD search
  2. Type Ping google.com -t
  3. Then just look at its development if a small ping is getting smoother, if a large ping is very bad, and if there is a Request time out then call your service provider immediately.

4. Use the Speed Monitor Application

Speed Test, 5 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC 6

You can clearly monitor the upload and download speed clearly every second. You could say this application is quite accurate, the name also monitors. This method can be said to be quite easy to just click and all can work well. This is how you do it

  1. Download the Speed Monitor application
  2. Install if you are using Windows 10 then you must change run compatibility in the application properties
  3. Turn it on and appear in the taskbar
  4. And all upload download activities clearly visible

If you find another speed monitor application you can also try it.

5. Through the Control Panel

Speed Test, 5 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC 7

This can be said to be the most inaccurate method, but at least you can estimate the maximum speed of your internet if you want to try this method just follow these steps:

  1. Select the control panel
  2. Network & Internet
  3. Network Connections
  4. Select the adapter that you are using
  5. Some information about the internet that you use will appear later

You can use this information to find out the internet speed you have.

So are 5 easy ways to find out your internet speed on a PC, have you ever done the things above? or maybe you have a separate method that you use often? Please comment in the comments column, hopefully useful. That is all and thank you.

Source: gamebrott

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