Shopping online turned out to be a part of today’s lifestyle. Goods that are traded online are not just clothes, bags, or shoes. But many online stores now sell gadgets in their shop. The presence of online stores brings comfort to the community.

However, people still need to be wary when transacting online to avoid criminal cases, especially fraud and gadgets scam.

If you plan to buy gadgets online, consider these following tips to avoid frauds so your transactions will be safe and your purchased items arrive at home safely.

1. Decide The Type You Want for Your Gadgets

What kind of gadget do you want to buy, is it an iPad, laptop, phone, etc? Make a choice first before you busy looking for an online store that sells one. If you already choose your gadgets, then it is time to make comparisons.

For example, you want to buy a new Android. Then choose a type that fits your taste. Then, it will be easier to find the specs you needed.

2. Find Out The Specs & The Market Price

First, find out all the specs you need, starting from the operating system, storage capacity, camera quality, to the network type that can be reached by the phone. Make sure the specs match what you want so you won’t regret it later.

The prices at each store are various, so don’t forget to check the official market price before you go hunting online. Then you may compare the prices. If the offered prices are way too cheap, you should question the authenticity and quality of the goods they sell.

3. Choose the Official Online Seller

As a faster solution for this price tag bombarding, you may choose an official online seller. It means this particular online seller is an official agent included in the line of the brand you want to buy. Shopping on the official seller is, of course, safer because the seller is already like the right hand of the brand.

If you don’t find any official seller, you can shop at a store with a “best seller” stamp. This stamp is usually given to the seller who has many followers and is successful in selling the most products in some period of time.

4. Look Closely at The Product Description

Compare the product details that the seller listed with the specs you need on the internet. If there are some inconsistencies in details, ask the seller about explications of the product. If the seller does not give a response, it is better to find another seller than to be tricked.

The cheaters usually patched up when writing the product details, resulted in minor mistakes here and there. No wonder, because the seller’s main goal is not selling their products, but to trick the buyers.

5. Make Sure The Location of The Seller Is Not Far From Your Place

Reckoning these new gadgets are not cheap, you should choose a nearby seller. Even better if you can visit the address of the seller to see and check the authenticity of the item at once. In addition, you can also choose the payment method in place or COD to avoid fraud.

This is important, especially when shopping at the store which is located outside the city. Items received are likely to be damaged due to the less safe packaging and improper logistics selection.

6. Complete The Transactions Through Online Sites

Regardless of the price of the purchased item, you should complete the transaction through the online site. So that your order history will be recorded in the e-commerce’s system provider.

When you confirm the payment, the system will check the payment history so the payment status will change automatically.

Avoid buying items through accounts on social media. If fraud occurs, then no party will be liable for the loss you had.

7. Beware of The Fishy Promotions

To raise sales turnover, many online sellers competing with each other by giving a lot of promotions or discounts. This is, indeed, very reasonable. But we need to be wary when promos become too good to be true. For example, an android with discounts up to 70% or something called “buy 1 get 1 free” we found a lot lately.

Discounts are rare for gadgets selling. Unless the gadget has scars or defects, no one will sell brand new stuff with an irrational price. And for the damaged pieces, it is better to sell the gadget low to cover other costs.

Smart Research Before Buying Online!

Today, there is no guarantee that people won’t commit fraud, for online business has become a great platform to reap profits, legal or not.

It applied not only when buying gadgets, but also any kind of goods you need to buy online. You have to be careful and smart, and considering various aspects before buying to prevent losses and regrets.

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