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Yakuza 7 turned-based battle system gives the RPG vibes into the game

The presence of Yakuza 7 with its new character, Ichiban Kasuga, did gives a fresh start after the previous 6 main series (plus Yakuza 0) constantly starring Kazuma Kiryu. But not only the main character, the mechanism of the fight which had always been full of action and combo hit, will turn into a turn-based mechanism in the style of RPG or JRPG games.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio as the Yakuza series developer realized that there might be some fans who were disappointed with this change. The developer also hopes that fans can accept this change with an open mind, and if it does not succeed in capturing the hearts of fans during its release, the next Yakuza series will return to the original formula.

Yakuza 7 Producer Explain Its New RPG Battle Mechanism 4

In anticipation of the fans’ unfriendly initial response, through a series of tweets on Twitter Masayoshi Yokohama as the producer for Yakuza 7 explained a little about what can be expected from the Yakuza 7, especially their new gut mechanism which has the name’ Live Command RPG Battle ‘(via Nmia Gaming). Here I will try to describe as accurately as possible because until now there has been no special trailer that shows or explains the gameplay directly.

The Live Command RPG Battle mechanism itself is different from the general turn-based RPG mechanism where the characters and enemies stay in place and wait for their turn to take action. In Yakuza 7, all the characters and the environment around us will continue to move in real-time, which is one of the main things in the Live Command RPG Battle.

Your characters will have a status that can affect various things such as the ability to attack to their turn to act. Then the distance between your character and the enemy being targeted is also one thing that is quite important, where it will determine the action that will come out automatically. For example, when choosing an action to attack, if the enemy being targeted is close, then your character will immediately hit him, if the enemy being targeted is far away, your character might run to get closer and do a jump kick attack.

Just like the previous series, in Yakuza 7, you can still take advantage of the environment and objects that are around your character. For example, when choosing an attacking action, your character might use a lying bicycle to attack or throw it at the targeted enemy, or use the environment to launch attacks such as heat action on the previous Yakuza series. Note that all of these actions also depend on the class and the uniqueness of your characters.

Not just that, your surroundings can also be a threat to your characters. For example, when your character executes the action you choose, your character might just trip over a billboard or bicycle lying on the road. The producer even explained that your character could have been hit by a car when thrown into the streets due to enemy attacks.

Furthermore, enemies whose character you are not aiming for can intercept your attacks suddenly. Like when aiming for a boss, for example, his men could have blocked you and your character’s target to attack him. However, some characters have the ability to attack multiple targets at once, such as using sweep attacks or long-range attacks.

The producer also stated that there was no exact battle situation. So this is certainly a positive thing that covers the lack of mechanisms of the previous Yakuza games that tend to get boring quickly, and variations in the battle between the series that are not even very different from one another.

Although there is no official video or trailer that shows in detail the mechanism that the author has described above, the producer also promises that the developer will release the details of the new battle mechanism in the near future. Also keep in mind that a few months ago, the developer released a trailer for the Yakuza game, which also shows RPG-style gameplay as part of April Fool’s Day. The mechanism of the RPG game style on this April Fool’s video might be the same as the Yakuza 7 game when it was released.

I’m actually quite interested in the courageous decision made by the developer. There are 7 main series in the old locations and the action tends to be the same, even for the latest game, Judgment. So when the latest Yakuza series moved to Yokohama and present a new battle system, it is likely to become a really fresh Yakuza game.

But one thing that can’t be denied is that we can expect action-packed drama stories that really feel like watching TV series or quality crime action films. Moreover, the presence of charming women who you may often meet while surfing on naughty websites, also become one of the selling points of the Yakuza game series.

Yakuza 7 is planned to be released for the PS4 platform on January 16, 2020, for the Japanese region. The English version will also launch in the same year.

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